Hey bro

You know you are tired of the same skins year after year, with the same boring designs. This is why exohaut was created, to give you what you want.

Our promise to you


We have tested the vinyls we use to create these skins hundreds of times to ensure you the best quality possible, without losing the uniqueness of our designs.


We will always be committed to you and your expectations. If you purchased something from us but didn't like it, couldn't install it, or something else, please let us know so that we can help you by issuing you a refund or sending you a replacement.


We know installing skins could be frustrating, and even tho we can't do magic and apply them for you, we have designed the cutting layouts so that you can apply them as easy as possible. 


You really thought these reviews were real on other websites? lol.

- Exohaut CEO himself -