About us

These are the bois behind Exohaut

- CEO -

Deez Nuts

The dude who started everything.

+2.5 k/d in Warzone

Graduated from college thinking he was going to become an analyst at an investment bank, instead he's busy creating the best skins in the market and new future products you'll love.


- Chief operating officer -

Ligma Balz

The dude who believed in the exohaut idea.

0.83 k/d in Warzone

Currently working in a engineering firm trying to escape his 9-5 job (more like 9-11pm lol), trying to pay off his student loans. He is responsible for creating the skin cutting layouts in Autodesk software.

Mechanical Engineer

Joking aside...

We are here to meet your expectations, and yes... our professional descriptions are real lmao (and k/d). We also would like to thank friends and family who made the development of this project possible. Will we make it? We'll see. That's why highly appreciate every single time you purchase something from us.

With your help, we will be able to offer more and better products in the future.